Special Events

December 9th - 10th

Alistair Appleton is back in Scarborough this winter with a weekend course unpacking the mysterious world of thought.

We think all the time but rarely bring much awareness to thoughts themselves.

From one point of view, thoughts are just empty bubbles, arising and passing in the mind.

But thoughts can also have a tremendously damaging impact on our wellbeing and emotional life.

In this 2-day course - suitable for beginners - Alistair offers meditative enquiry into the raw materials of thought but also explores how we can harness the incredible energy of mental formations to create compassion, creativity and insight.

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Saturday 4th November 2PM - 5PM 

A Deeper Approach to Meditation With Lama Zangmo

The short text called the Dorje Chang Thungma, which is chanted regularly in all our centres, is full of relevance both for newcomers and more long-term practitioners. The text shows us how to apply ourselves on the path of meditation, using the analogy of our body - renunciation is the feet of meditation, devotion is the head and non-distraction is the body.

This course will show the path of practice and the benefits that can be achieved, focusing mainly on the meditation aspect.

Sunday 5th November 2PM - 5PM

The Buddhist Approach to Death and Dying With Lama Zangmo

If we are truly aware of impermanence, we become aware of the preciousness of each moment we are alive, and we can try to make the most of it. Lama Zangmo will explain at the Buddhist approach to impermanence, death and dying and how that approach affects the way we live our lives. She will cover topics such as how to create a supportive environment for someone who is dying and how to develop the right state of mind at the time of our own death.

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