Kagyu Samye Dzong Scarborough Tibetan Buddhist Centre has existed since April 2009, and we now have a building at Londesborough Lodge in the Crescent.

The function of the centre is to help people find greater peace and clam, by learning how to train and develop the mind. We provide teachings on Buddhist philosophy and meditation, as-well as compassion based mindfulness classes and retreats for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. We also offer health and wellbeing services with community outreach.

Centre Activities


Meditation is the art of finding peace and happiness within, using simple methods of calming and stabilising.  We offer weekly meditation sessions and regular meditation & mindfulness training courses.

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Buddhism expresses a deep respect for all faiths, and does not require people to convert to Buddhism in order to find the benefits of meditation.  Buddhist methods of meditation are aimed not only at calming the mind, but also at achieving insight into how the mind functions, and its true nature.

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We are all very busy in our modern lives and many of us are looking for ways in which to cope with anxiety, stress and pain. Furthermore, we are looking for ways in which to enhance our wellbeing and cope better with life’s challenges.

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We offer a variety of day and short retreats suitable for those who are complete beginners to the more experienced.

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Yoga / Pilates / Shiatsu

Regular Yoga and Pilates classes are held at the Centre each week by fully qualified instructors. People of all ability and age are welcome to join these class

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Over the years the centre has helped local communities by offering mindfulness and compassion courses as part of our community outreach programme. We have worked with hospitals, hospice, schools, universities, prisons, youth and rehabilitation services

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Accommodation at the centre

Kagyu Samye Dzong Scarborough Tibetan Buddhist Centre offers self contained en-suite rooms. If you would like to enquire about accommodation, please get in touch with the centre at: admin@yorkshire.samye.org