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Londesborough Lodge
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North Yorkshire
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Rokpa Trust and all its branches are committed to handling personal data fairly, transparently and in accordance with the Rokpa Trust Data Protection Policy. The personal data we hold are names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for the purpose of keeping interested people informed of our activities and facilities offered. ln the case of donors, we also hold such banking details as are necessary to process donations and reclaim the tax where applicable. In the case of residents and volunteers at our centres we keep records of stays at the centres and work that they offer to perform.

We take all reasonable steps to keep the data secure and only store it when legally required to do so, for instance with HMRC or our auditors. We delete data when it is no longer required and we offer the facility for people to check and correct data. We comply with any request to delete data unless we are legally required to retain it.

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The centre is open as normal for times specified on classes / events.

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